If you have a dream, we’ll make it a reality.


When it comes to learning guitar, starting well is the hardest part.

But it is also the most important — which is why I created a beginner’s course, designed specifically to get you up to speed in just 10 lessons.


It’s difficult to remember everything that was taught in each lesson.

That’s why I regularly send video recaps to my students after each lesson, to demonstrate and reinforce the techniques or content we went through.


Make no mistake — this IS a one man show.

Unlike some music schools, you’ll get dedicated coaching throughout from just one person (me), so we never lose track of your musical goals.


Many people learn guitar for years but never really progress.

I’m self-taught and now am a regular gigging musician, and it’s one of the best things that has happened to me.

I know what it takes to be a great guitar player, and I know how to get you where you want to be.



Ever tried learning the guitar and just gave up because it was so hard? You probably had poor fretting technique. This is also something that’s difficult to learn by just watching videos.

We’ll help you make sure you have the correct technique so you start off strong!

Chords &
Their Magic

Learning chords are great, but music is about so much more.

Let us take you on a musical journey – and discover how different chord voicings and variations create different emotions.

Strumming &

A big part of learning guitar is rhythm – and strumming & fingerpicking patterns will form the foundation of your guitar playing.

Through many popular songs, you’ll learn several patterns and build your repertoire – so you’ll be able to play any song you come across.


Hey, you don’t need to know all of the music theories – and you probably don’t want to either!

We’ll introduce musical concepts in a way that is simple to understand and can be instantly applied – so you can focus on playing great music.


Joakim Möller

I am amazed at how quickly he has helped me get the basics in place… I could actually play some of my favourite songs within a month! 

Sheng Li is truly passionate about the acoustic guitar, and teaches in a way that is very inspiring. Now I ask myself why I did not start learning the guitar already long ago… but as they say, better late than never!

Lim Xinyi

Before I started guitar lessons, I have been trying out self-help websites and various YouTube videos but none of them managed to sustain my interest. I felt that I was going nowhere and not progressing at all.

Sheng Li is patient and friendly, and his lessons are well structured, organised and easy to follow. Because of him, I always look forward to my next lesson!

Eugene Ong

Sheng Li is an extremely talented and patient instructor who goes out of his way to help his students.

With his help, I went from a total guitar noob to being able to play and sing a song for my wedding proposal in a matter of weeks! Highly recommended.

Chan Xiu Xiang

I had gone through two group guitar courses but both weren’t able to sustain my interest. After taking lessons with Sheng Li, I found him to be immensely talented in his guitar skills but at the same time, he would be able to craft and deliver his lessons according to my pace and interests.

Throw him your favorite song, he will figure out the chords and teach you in the very same day or next session!

Jac Cheok

Sheng Li is friendly, patient and creates his own curriculum based on his own learnings and teachings.

He doesn’t overexplain the technical terms and makes guitar lessons fun! He also knows the best covers!

Max Pang

Sheng Li is one of the most dedicated guitar instructors that I’ve met. During each lesson, he will customize the lesson plans according to my pace of learning, and even sends helpful information for the next lesson.

Really enjoyed every session!


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See you soon! 😉

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